An American at Grotowski's Lab Theatre
Notes and other material from an American that studied with Grotowsk1

An American Director and Professor, Joseph Slowik, traveled to Poland to study at Grotowski's Lab Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland in 1969
These are his Observations,from his time there.
They are an eclectic mix of reporting, collected opinions. notes, budgets, observations.

He includes notes from Grotowski's trips to Edinburgh and his sessions at NYU.

Cover Page of materials included (001)
(several of these pages require legal sized paper)

Plays attended (002)
Budget for the journey (003)
Proposed Tour to Moscow (004)

General Section
Physical Description of Grotowski's Lab Theatre (005)

Initial takes on Grotowski
Instructors, Grotowski the Myth Maker
My 'Book' on Grotowski, International Theatre Day, Lab. Fees, Immortality (007)

Radio Interview on Sunday March 1969, "And 12 Followed Him", "When Grotowski Dies" (008)

More considered views and experience of Grotowski
"Getting Drunk with Grotowski on Good Friday" (009)
Grotowski: Choice of Films, Audiences, Canceled session. Ludomir on Apocalypsis (010)

Stories, thoughts and plans
Lee deRoss in Paris, Clubs in Poland, Cybulskis Death, Visit of Percy Granger (011)
Possibilities (012)
My Health Record (013)
Ken and Peter, types of people (014)

More insight into Grotowski's work
Grotowski's Comments at NYU (015)
Kari from Finland (016)
Newspaper Excerpts About Grotowski and his Theatre, Outline Talk of Lab and Grotowski, May Day Parade and Starzyst Declaration (017)

From Wroclaw, Poland to East Germany
Five Day Trip to East Berlin
, April 1969 (018)
Especially interesting snapshot of travel and life behind the Iron Curtain

Notes on Performances Seen in Berlin 1969
Notes on The Berliner Ensemble (019)
Schweik In The Second World War, April 19th (020)
Mann ist Mann, April 20th (021)
Der Drache, April 21st (022)
Pur Pur Staub, April 22nd and Coriolan, April 23rd (023)


These papers have been listed here in the order they were found. They appear to be in sequential order by date.

Joseph Slowik began teaching theatre in 1953, after earning his MFA from the Goodman School of Drama. He played a key role as a core faculty member in transitioning the Goodman School of Drama to DePaul University. During his tenure, he served as the long-time head of the MFA directing program at The Theatre School, and directed more than a hundred productions over the course of four decades, some highlights include The Time of Your Life, Journey of the Fifth Horse, The Rose Tattoo, A Shayna Maidel, The Good Woman of Setzuan, Camino Real, The Skin of Our Teeth, Strider, Yerma and Mother Courage and Her Children. ​He was the 2001 recipient of the Theatre School's Excellence in Teaching Award. Joe Slowik passed away in 2017.


Thanks to Jane Drake Brody for providing Joe Slowik's papers