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Tempus Fugit

After extensive searching Shelly, now Michele, has been found alive and prospering on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. A ten year resident there, she is a pillar of her community and still active in theatre.

Shelly is a reformed mime and former member of Pillory Theatre, a person of great soul.

Michele did in fact travel to Peru and several other South and Central American countries. She was a member of a troupe associated with the La Mama Theatre at a theatre festival in Caracas.

Owen says that he saw her riding a bike in the West Village a few years ago, but he was probably hallucinating. He was. Michele was in Massachusetts at the time.

In April 2014 a memorial celebration was held for the director of Pillory Theatre, Dr. Jaques Burdick. Shelly, Jeff and Owen attended. Shelly now lives in Maine, and Jeff has recently retired from teaching and moved to central Virginia, and Owen lives and acts in North Carolina.


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