The Killing Kompany Diaries   

Getting to the Scene

In truth
the evening began on the wrong foot anyway...

Samme who is normally quite compulsive
about arriving at locations on time
was late
arriving at the predetermined rendezvous in midtown
where the rest of the cast had
agreed to congregate prior to out departure
to Princeton, New Jersey en masse.

Her newly acquired Agency
has sent her on a commercial audition
which was located downtown
and on the wrong side of Manhattan
where she was asked to eat crackers
and look "pretty."
She indeed looked pretty

I am not the one to pass judgment
on her masticulations
due to my own oral condition at this time.

As per usual
she arrived at her audition in a timely manner
due to the crazed nature of the audition process
had to wait an inordinate amount of time
before she could
tastefully present herself on camera...

Vying with the mutually exclusive ideas
missing her ride with the Killing Kompany
to Princeton
leaving the commercial audition
and missing a chance to appear on television

Samme had a problem.

At that very moment
a mile and a half away
the Killing Kompany sat in a Mercury Mountaineer
in a

No Waiting Zone

as a marked NYC Police car
pulled up and parked itself directly in front of them.

It suffices to say
all was not well with the world
as the rush hour traffic began to build up
at the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel...

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