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Milon Mela's visit made a spectacular impact and aroused a lot of interest across campus, especially with their parade and fire juggling. A windy day seemed to magically settle down for this, so we were delighted. Some parts of the workshop were filmed for our archive.

Our week-long Laboratory session Traces went very well. As a follow up we collaborated on a short piece which will be published in a forthcoming issue of Total Theatre. Again, much of this was filmed, so we are looking at how to get this edited into a useable format.  

The third volume of Opere e Sentieri was published in Italian in April 2008 including a text by Paul. Details are:
Opere e sentieri III - Testimonianze e riflessioni sull'arte come veicolo centers on specific topics connected with the Workcenter research and contains contributions from Paul Allain, Antonio Attisani, Peter Brook, Florinda Cambria, Marco De Marinis, Albert Dichy, Piergiorgio Giacchè, Sandro Lombardi, Roger Repohl, Kris Salata, Marcella Scopelliti, Ferdinando Taviani, Federico Tiezzi, Anatoli Vassiliev and a preface by Carlo Sini.



We will start the academic year in September by welcoming Studium Teatralne's director Piotr Borowski  (who worked with Grotowski for 7 years in Pontedera) to show his film The Song is Over (Koniec Piesni). This will kindly be supported by the Polish Cultural Institute.

The screening  will be in Canterbury as part of the Cultural Memory conference on Thursday 11th September 7pm in Cinema 3 on campus. 

See for further details on the conference.  At the end of this message are details about the film.

This will be followed by a screening in partnership with the Central School of Speech and Drama on the evening of Friday 12th.   Time and exact venue to be confirmed, but it will be at Central School.

Publication work is ongoing including translation and editing work. This includes three projects with the Grotowski Institute:  

An edited collection of texts by Brook on Grotowski, titled Theatre is Just a Form. This has already been published in Polish, and will also be published in French.

An edited collection of Ludwik Flaszen's texts title tbc.

Texts by Grotowski's collaborators for a new journal in English called  "Polish Theatre Perspectives" no. 2. This issue will be titled Grotowski: Voices from Within.

Translations are being supported by the Institute of Adam Mickiewicz.

An edited collection of texts by academics from across Europe on Grotowski  titled Grotowski’s Empty Room edited by Paul for Seagull Press.


Just back from visiting Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Giuliano is now about to visit Wroclaw for their 'Openings' Festival amongst other purposes, and to discuss his book and film with Zygmunt Molik, as well as make further arrangements for our collaborations in 2009.

And Pablo is continuing to interview people all over the world as well as visiting UK archives to piece together the many strands of Grotowskian influence in the UK.

Please keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and for more on our plans for 2009. 

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Paul Allain + Giuliano Campo + Pablo Pakula     June 2008  



“In the Winter of 1980/81 I had set off with three of my actor friends on what we called a ‘Winter Expedition’. For three months we had toured with our performance in the Bialystok region, in the area between the great forests of Augustów and Knyszyn on the north-eastern border of Poland. We walked from village to village, pulling a sledge loaded with our belongings. These people, showing their gratitude for our performances, sang their songs for us which I recorded on tape.

  In 2007 I returned there in order either to give them back these recordings or to hand them over to the families of those who had already passed away.”

The Song is Over is an extraordinary documentary film made by Piotr Borowski, one of Poland’s leading experimental theatre directors, which charts his return to the poor, decaying villages of north-east Poland in the outer reaches of the EU. It demonstrates the power of music to bring back the dead and reawaken the past in a moving tribute to another distant age.
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