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Jerzy Grotowski
Black Narcissus, an Iranian experimental theatre group

Editor: (Owen Daly) This e-mail came to me in September of 2001, and while I know little of the specifics of this Iranian theatre group, it would take too much of a stretch on imagination to draw parallels between the social and political climate on Poland in the late 50's and 60's and Iran over the past several years. I am publishing it here because it appears to be a current example of a company following in the path of Grotowski's work. I would welcome additional information about this group and their performances.

Dear Mr.Owen Daly,

     We are so much profoundly interested in Jerzy Grotowski's life and work, and
your fantastic website has always been a help to us. Here's a short introduction of
who we are and an invitation to our performance.

     Black Narcissus is an Iranian experimental theatre group , found about 6 years ago. After a production of Sophocles Antigone, the company started a two-year rehearsing period working on Jean Genet's "The Blacks" ,with intense vocal and physical works and experiments with theatre concepts. The result was a three-hour production which successfully involved the spectator in the theatrical event.

     The central point of group's work has always been the working on Physical Action, which was developed in final stages of Stanislavski's life and Jerzy Grotowski's works. The company also produced a one-hour production,called "The Blacks 2",at the same time the director-Hamed Mohammad Taheri-writes in the brochure:' Reaching a production in which the spectator chooses not to see...and suddenly becomes a free participant..urged us to look at "The Blacks" from a different geometry.' The productions were banned on April 2000.

     The company went to Parma Theatre Festival on October 2000, with another
one-hour production of "The Blacks" -the result of group's third meeting with the
text -which gained remarkable attention in Italy.

     Now, on it's fourth year of working on this text, the company has had it's fourth
experience with "The Blacks", Which is a totally different production. The production
-with the name "Syaha" - is invited to Ruhr Theatre Group's Silk Road theatre festival
in Germany -September and October 2001.
We'd like to invite you to our production in this festival and would be
delighted to share the theatrical event with you.


Black Narcissus public relations service
Bahareh Navaie



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