Pillory Theater

Name Those Actors - Answers


Clockwise, with current profession:

Top, 11 o'clock: Doris, married and living in N.J.

Top, 1 o'clock: Owen Daly, Actor living in Raleigh, NC

Three o'clock: Kimberly Welsh, gone and dearly missed.

Five thirty: Jeffrey Spolan, Theatrical Producer, Director and Actor, Retired in Virginia

A tight seven thirty: Bonnie Gable, whereabouts unknown.

Nine o'clock: Michelle (Shelly) Lazerow: Practitioner of the healing arts in MA, has toured internationally and continues to act in the local theatre scene.

Not shown:
Jay Frankel is a practicing pyschotheripist in Greenwich Village, NYC
Claire Petrie Sings Opera and is an Editor
M.Delvalle Fedanque lives in NYC and is an actor.


"We define the theatre as what happens between the spectator and the actor. All the rest is extra, necessary perhaps, but extra." -Jerzy Grotowski

Shelly and Del have been found. Now, where is Bonnie?


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