The Killing Kompany Diaries

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It has been written:

The meek shall inherit the earth.


I had no idea what "proprietary information" I was not supposed to ask about.
This didn't stop me from introducing myself to everyone as:

Rob D. System, C.E.O.

of a company interested in obtaining such information.


The Killing Kompany had been hired to disguise themselves during the cocktail hour and mingle with various software developers and other personnel of two hi-tech companies about to partner themselves into bliss.

A half million to the acquired President as partial dowry.

Later, the KK would kill each other off - as the "entertainment" - and our hosts were offered the opportunity to de bug the programmed murders of the our making - and resolve the mysterious conflict...

A host of software developers were in attendance.   Smart people, right?

You'd think these people would have no problem with discovering the "killer{s}".

Not so.

Once again, Jon's bizarre, convoluted plots and characters involved there in - befuddled the best of them.

I think this is the reason why, at the end of the show, he gave the "best actress" award to the gal with the shortest skirt...

He described her attire for this event as a "skating outfit".

She performed "befuddled" very well when asked to come forward and explain why her name was on a piece of evidence and also why she was dressed for the ice rink.

Only Avner could get away with this.

I would reveal the names of the two corporations involved, but then they would have to kill ME.

Food Chains

I had always thought "proprietary" had something to do with where you were on the biological food chain... as in large fish eat smaller fish, digest and excrete them and then move onto another meal...

No matter.

By the time the "real killers" were revealed to our hosts
my character had been assassinated.

I was in the huge foyer, out of sight, bandage covering the hole in my head and effectively out of the loop...

The good thing about being dead is: you can smoke as many cigarettes as you want to... who cares? You're already dead!

Plots have gotten so well known amongst Kompany members, that we could roll out of bed and know what was expected of us... mingle, mayhem, murder.

Although I could hear the gunfire from where I sat and knew Jon had escaped

unscathed and immaculate

yet again

I wasn't sure who was firing at him...

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We have FAITH Jon will explain all to us before "curtain"
{there is never a curtain}
and during rehearsal.

during THIS "rehearsal"
prior to the show
I was at the table containing
veggie and cheese platters when Jon
revealed to us:

who did what to whom and why.

This is akin to sleeping through the Sermon on the Mount.
to wit:

By gorging myself as tastefully as possible...
my attention at that moment being on the cheese
and also asking my inner self:

"...what does "proprietary" mean...?"

I failed to hear Jon's explanation!!!

And so I acted and improved my way through the evening
sans clue as to what was going on.

Actually - this makes for a certain "reality"

{SEE: Professor Spolan's
mind games for those with Attention Disorder Syndrome}

I must confess, we only receive a bare bones outline of the plot anyway
- plus driving instructions to the "location" -
by e mail
- again... we all have Faith he will explain everything to us -
at some point.
as I'm sure he did.
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The unaware spend their time waiting for the curtain call in a purgatory of their own making surrounded by cigarette smoke.

Let this be a lesson... those who have ears will hear!

Those who have eyes will see!

The rest of us can only hope to be privy to proprietary information.

Go home and count your stock options.

The show is finished.

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