The Killing Kompany Diaries   

"We entertain the mob..."

Would YOU like to participate in a murder?
Many interesting social, civic, and
'family' groups have called upon the Killing Kompany to produce a Murder in their midst. 

Killing Kompany has produced theatrical rub outs from Long Island Sound to the Ohio River and all the lands in between.

Disguised as a Humble Waiter or a Mafia Don,
  the Killing Kompany has often called upon
the multitudinous Spolan talents
to fulfill an audience's worst nightmare with
theatrical mayhem. 

Fortunately, recently released court records have been 
secured at incredible risk
and made public
  in an effort to unmask these thespians for what they really are:
Latter day Commedia dell' Arte gone terribly wrong in Twentieth Century Amerika!
Follow their adventures as they travel hither and yon spewing mirthful murder amidst the paying public.

Getting killed can really be dangerous in The Killer KO'ed.
Sometimes just Getting to the Scene can be a dilemma for an acting troupe.
The financial side of Good Theater Training is revealed in KK Does Indiana.
In The Nuts of Nutley, Purdy Spackler introduces himself to the Women's Swim Coach
The Godfather Goes For Broke reveals how staying in character allows you to rake in the bread.
In Sing Sing by Moonlight a Singing Debut is tragically cut short.
The life expectancy of KK Kast members is brief in Return to Neidersteins
Even the Ivy covered walls of Princeton give no respite from murder in Report from the Ivy League

It is good to have a cop for your DJ in Dance Swine, Dance! Not.

Can the KK troupe survive for five hours in a van?
Maryland Road Mayhem
In hi-tech big bucks, KK finds True Faith a Religious Experience

Faith in Jon

A troupe of KK actors from NYC
in a small Louisiana casino town:
...Like Cheetahs with Guns

  "Why would anyone want to kill someone? Why?   

A KK Diaries Public Service:
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A KK Diaries Public Notice:

Top Secret.
KK Communications Intercept.

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