The Killing Kompany Diaries   


The Godfather Goes For Broke

Samme needed a piece of bread to
help her stomach digest a bevy of prescription drugs.

Her hand encased within bandages
and sporting a cast made of Styrofoam

her left ankle wrapped in a "soft cast"


with one crutch at her side

she asked
with a pained expression
if she could obtain a piece of bread
from somewhere...?

as she sat at a table
at Mary Lou's on 9th Street in the Village.

A cruel aging ponce
who nominally ran the joint
had intercepted a waiter at the door to the kitchen
and turned him back
while he was attempting to fulfill Samme's request.


At this point
Don Vito Cortisone
Godfather - Goodfella - Gigolo
came to her rescue

upon hearing of this
disrespectful behavior


headed straight for the kitchen door


and without fear of having his intent
stifled by
an aging fruitcake wearing red suspenders.

Only 48 hours earlier the Don
had himself been shot and poisoned

by Angelina Puttanah
wife of the late
Tony the Pimp

in a dive in Northern Queens
called The White House

in front of 126 witnesses
who claimed to have seen nothing.


He was a REAL MAN.

Weighing in the neighborhood of 230 lbs.
standing 6 foot three inches tall
and wearing a very dark black suit

his progress was unimpeded
by the staff
or anyone else

as he glommed several hunks
of bread from a cutting board
within the kitchen environs

-including the "end" of the loaf-

favored by those who know about such things

and returned to gallantly offer up his theft
to the distressed damsel at table 11

who graciously accepted his offering
dependent upon the kindness of strange men.

This incident will go unreported in the local newspapers

I must add
by the evening's end
waiters were falling all over themselves at table 11
and asking:

"Is there anything I can get you, Godfather?"

and the suspender laden ponce
wanted to join the mob.

The Godfather had made him an offer
he couldn't understand:

You cannot make these things up.


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