The Killing Kompany Diaries   


Samme hadn't slept well the night before!  

For this show was  
    Samme the Song Stressed

in her illustrious career with the KK.

Several times during the day
she either reminded me
or reminded herself
or was reminded via phone call
and e-mail
by Avner the Assassin {aka: "JON"}
to bring along her cassette recorder.

With lots of support from us all
indeed she did remember.
Plus she even thought to bring along a tape of her music!

An hour north of New York City
in a town which shall remain unnamed
we made our way to the unusual location of this evening's performance:
The River Rose Paddle Wheeler.

She asked politely if I would listen to her go through the song
that she had been preparing for several days.

I replied that I had carefully re-read our marriage vows
and at no point was there any mention made
of my having to listen to my wife sing...

These remarks did not dissuade her 
and in the tradition of most married men
~regardless of their tribal affiliations~
I bowed - knuckled under - acquiesced to
her pliant request

and listened to Samme's rendition of the tune
on the pier and
out of earshot of anyone...

    ... She sang this romantic song to me on the dock
    as the sun was beginning to set
    {as I kept one eye on the car}
    and the water lapped gently

    ... I told her it was beautiful
    and she'd be just fine tonight
    and then gave her a little kiss
    as we both went off to pass some time
            {having arrived early}

    at little bar on the dock
    to have a drink...

Upon the arrival of the troupe
we all clambered onboard
The River Rose Paddle Wheeler
and rehearsed diligently.


Jon told her her singing was great.
"Rehearsal" usually consists of Jon telling us when to die.

And then finally arrived the moment when

a bus full of bankers pulled into the parking lot
disgorging and generally spewing up our audience

as they spilled onto the dock
and then swilled up the gangplank
and onto
The River Rose Paddle Wheeler.

Disguised as a photographer
and armed with a 17 year old Minolta 35 mm camera
I both blended in and hid myself in plain view
as the obligatory cut vegetables were {apparently} consumed
alongside the OPEN BAR
upon the enclosed upper deck.

I snapped and flashed away
as was expected of me
The Bankers posed with one another in small groups
or completely ignored me... as was their purgative prerogative.

My little secret of course
was two fold:

One: Unbeknownst to them I was one of the evening's killers 
Two: My camera was without film

Why waste film on banker's gorging themselves? 

NOTE:A very large palette of veggies
had been
placed untastefully
in the center of the room.
upon further inspection
I discovered
only the
sliced tomatoes
apparently diminished in number.

  The ship's moorings were unfettered
just before dusk
as we gracefully chugged down the Hudson River
and our banker laden audience
was treated to a nice display of available lighting
from within the confines of the Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison
which glided by...

from the upper decks of the minimum security
River Rose Paddle Wheeler
all the slightly sodded were

moved carefully
                 down the stairwell
                                     and on to the first deck dining area for the evening's fete...

Buffet and
The Killing Kompany. 

For my first course:

I entered
disguised as my own twin in a Halloween mask
and proceeded
to shoot and kill another actor.

It is later discovered
she too has a twin.

This is called "doubling shortly"
and makes for many characters
when few bodies are available.

{See how 25 becomes 50 in: DELLAVENTURA BITES THE DUST}

Cruising along the Hudson River
about an hour and a half later
having passed Sing Sing Prison
beneath the still beautiful full moon
we turned about
just before we smacked into the Tappen Zee Bridge...


and I refuse to give away the plot...

It suffices to say that
my next course

was to stand outside the entrance door to the dining room
unseen by the still-gorging-themselves bankers
and to fire a yet another pistol shot
obstensively at Samme's character
wounding but not killing her!

She returns later with a bandage on her forehead
and the audience is told: she was indeed struck with bullet through her brain but
no vital organ was damaged!

It had been established during rehearsals
{see above: REHEARSALS}
to have Samme finish her entire song
but by this point JON judged it behooved us to move the show along
as quickly as possible
so we could finish our performance before we docked
and give away the silly prizes we offer up to our audiences for such things as
"...the worst answers to ' ...who did it?' " etc.

with single pointedness he re-instructed me as to proceed with a
slightly different conclusion to Samme's Singing Debut!

I was to hide behind the entrance door and to
wound Samme's character in the head
after only a minute or so after launching into the singing of her
much rehearsed song...!

I thought of all the stress Samme had put herself through for days
only to be shot in the head before finishing her debut...
The positive spin being
now that Samme has had her debut 
{a bullet to the brain notwithstanding}
in theory:
              she will be less stressed next time...


Good theatre training, etc.

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Why Jon is the Hero:

Do not try to make any sense sequentially of a typical Killing Kompany plot line.

Indeed there is one, but it doesn't really matter.
What counts is:
when you die
and which piece of evidence is revealed as a result of your getting killed.

We have screwed that up too in the course of time
JON always figures out some way
to pull it back together and make sense of it all.

This is why he is the hero.

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