The Killing Kompany Diaries

from the same County of New York
that had brought you THE SON OF SAM

-an account previously with held by Court Order-

Emboldened by the black hat upon his head -purchased as a replacement for one stolen over two decades ago at a New Year's Eve party in Manhattan - Andy Toxin {a.k.a. "Randy Andy"} made his gala entrance, fashionably late and 5 minutes before the beginning of the humongous affair being
offered up at NEIDERSTEIN'S Restaurant on
Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village to honor

A film crew consisting of three under age looking
Gen Xer's had been busily taping away for at least
one hour prior to the scheduled event.

An EVENT which included: "ALL the Beautiful People of Middle Village" - who had shelled out 50 bucks a head just to be near their idol - JACQUELINE -

who at that very moment - was weaving around from table to table - meeting and greeting - flask in hand - several sheets to the wind - with the media in hot pursuit of her every slurred utterance.

Although her name sounded like something exotic
and fragile {or some illegal drug one might smoke}
her resiliency in the face of obstacles marking the celebration her 40th birthday - and her persistence - attempting to live and tell about it the next morning - was extraordinary.

In the face of repeated attempts upon her life including: gunshots, poison, electrocution and a bomb that had failed to go off, she prevailed...

until such time as she finally succumbed to five separate but simultaneously induced stabbing wounds - all inflicted upon her body with butter knives - occurring completely out of the sight of over a hundred of potential witnesses...

Truly the mark of a Killing Kompany blood feast!

And if the truth be known: this was the night Jon {the Assassin} Avner was the only member of the Killing Kompany left standing when the dust and smoke had cleared. For, as Detective Dorcey NYPD, he had killed off each and every member of his own troupe in a wild display of self aggrandizement and theatrical bravado!

The audience loved it.

The new notches on his guns included:

          Max Thallberg: Crystal's producer
          Reggie Cide:   Crystal's agent
          Andy Toxin:    Crystal's boy toy
          Mel Galvanic:  Crystal's press agent
          Candy Sense:   Crystal's secretary
A Hired Female Assassin:  Crystal's first assailant

and finally, his own partner: Patrolman Slackhard!

In fact the only person who escaped death by
Detective Dorcey was: JACQUELINE CRYSTAL!

Who, you probably have guessed by now, was
murdered by ALL of her of closest friends.

What can one say about all this except:

Et tu Brutus?

P.S. Andy Toxin removed his hat before passing

    Next Diary Entry  Because it took him two years to figure out that he should have been stuffing his socks in the FRONT of his bathing suit.  

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