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Mime History Test

Knowledgeable Mimes trace their roots to Commedia Dell'Arte. Can you answer these ten True-False questions?

Read each question CAREFULLY, then write T(true) or F(false) on the line next to the question.

  1. ____Masks were an important element in Commedia Dell’Arte.
  2. ____Commedia Dell’Arte was sometimes performed on outdoor informal stages.
  3. ____Commedia Dell’Arte was supported by taxes collected by local governments.
  4. ____Pratfalls are exclusively artistic creations of Hollywood Silent Films.
  5. ____Actors were prevented from being buried in holy ground by the Roman Church
  6. ____Actors in Commedia Dell’Arte were influenced by their audiences.
  7. ____Commedia Dell’ Arte was carefully written but performed by amateurs .
  8. ____Good taste and socially acceptable behavior are the values demonstrated in Commedia dell’ Arte.
  9. ____The roots of Commedia Dell’Arte can be traced to Brecht.
  10. ____Pantalone, Arlecchino and Harpo are all characters of Commedia Dell’Arte.

The Roman "pantomimus" is Marcel Marceau. True or False?

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