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A.K.A. Psychology of Acting 
3 Credits 

Notice the neat mustache on the graduate student. 

[He is credited with turning down the original draft of Jurassic Park during his brief stint as a script reader for M.G.M. following his departure from the University.]

Prerequisites:  EYEBALL  and EYEBROW ACTING   Exceptions:  Transfer students from the William Shatner  School of Acting  are exempted  from taking the above mentioned prerequisite class and may attend pending approval of the  BIG Kahuna aka: The Chairman.        Students will be required to spend 18 hours in Landlord and Tenant Court.  All term papers must begin with the words: "Gimme the deed  to your  ranch or I'll..."  Midterm exam will cover Leering, Sneering and Peering.  Sub licensee agreements and all class work must be handed in in a timely manner.
Fall 1999 Offering: 

            and SOUTHERN BANRAKU 
3 Credits

This class is only given during the following times: Year of the Rat; Year of the Pig; Year of the Monkey OR during a Conservative Administration

Prerequisites:  Character Analysis  Masque Technique and Box Office  

Working within large rubber suits has always been a challenging endeavor for students.  

To this end we seek to explore the adventures inherent within a synthetic environment. 

   This class will explore such Classical texts as: GODZILLA   MOTHRA RODAN KING KONG in an effort to make these diverse archetypes more comprehensible and therefore divested of  their Kthonic heritage.  In this era of  budgetary constraints, this study will afford students further preparation for a significant career overseas.
Spring 2000


How many credits do you want?

Offered Only to Senior Class Persons in the Spring:   

An intensive intended to articulate all manner of current
socially acceptable behavior while in front of a television camera.

How to hold a hero prop.

What to do when you look overweight...?

Breathing Life Into Infomercials. *

The importance of good hair and wardrobe.

Frog and Iguana vocal techniques.

Deconstructing Soap Opera scripts.

Filling out I-9's for the D.O.I.

Defensive techniques against stalkers.

Profitable Slating and Finding Your Mark.

How to hold mutually exclusive ideas!

Professor Spolan is well noted for his advise to young actors.  His guidance and counseling have played important parts in many careers.

    Pay your tuition before the start of classes and receive a free invitation to the Sundance Film Festival.  

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