Professor Spolan's

First Day - Costume

{1st Canto}

Professor Spolan made his way
through the back door entrance of Post Hall
and up the stairwell to the Performing Arts Department
in his: First Day of Class Costume.

The Educator's Wardrobe Department at the University Center
had given it's approval to his original decision to appear
for his initial offering this semester of: "Acting for the Camera"
in a very dark double-breasted
Black pin striped suit - Black shirt no collar - and glacier glasses.

Professor Spolan had written his initial proposal to them
a few days earlier
and had forged the signature of Don Vito Cortisone at the bottom
in an effort to frighten them into a pre approval of his wishes.

{Note: Both Don Vito and Professor Spolan share the same tailor}

The ploy apparently was successful because the Administration
fearing the inevitable

"Straightening Out Session"
which would accompany any refusal of a request from
Don Vito

Fed Ex'ed it's approval via a Same Day Delivery package
to Professor Spolan's home

and Security was notified to
clear all vehicles from behind Post Hall on Saturday morning
so there would be
parking his Red Mountain of Happiness.

{Professor Spolan's current mode of transport}

Having watched many films directed by Martin Scorcese
The Professor decided that at the last minute he would
to throw off any Federal Agents or
rival university agent provocateur's
who might be watching for him...

And so he stepped out of the Red Mountain of Happiness

        {forgetting to change his mode of transport
                    or at least his license plates}

donned in
    a black cowboy hat
    complete with
turquoise studded hat band

    a black leather coat from
Andrew Mark*
    faded jeans from Lee

    and a very large saddle bag filled with books, papers
    and other strange attention getting devices
    for his students.

    To complete this nondescript disguise
    he capped it all off with a pair of
    sunglasses from Ray Ban

    instead of his usual

    Vaurnet Glacier Glasses.

    "This will fool them..." he thought to himself.

    At that moment a Security vehicle appeared
    and drove slowly by...


    Professor Spolan smiled.

    Good Theatre Training.


{2nd Canto}

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*Andrew Mark is the name of a very big leather coat manufacturer.
  Every year they offer a Sample Sale in Manhattan and
  their entire overstocked warehouse in New Jersey
  is trucked into The Penn Plaza Hotel - across the street from
  Madison Square Garden - and foisted upon the public.

  PLEASE NOTE: Don Vito does not shop at Sample Sales.

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