Professor Spolan's

Theater History Test

Read each question carefully. Print your answer in the space provided.

1. ____ What is a protagonist?

a. the leading actor in a play

b. Greek City-states

c. chorus leader

2. ____ Dionysus was worshipped because:

a. he was the hero at the the battle of Marathon

b. he was the father of Iphegenia

c. he was god of the Harvest, grape, wine intoxication and passion

3. ____ The origin of the word "tragedy" is associated with:

a. Homer

b. sacrifice; Goat song

c. synopsis

4. ____ What is parados?

a. the concluding scene in an ancient Greek play.

b. the entrance of the chorus.

c. information and events that have already happened in a play

5. ____ In order to develop the action of plays, they were divided by

a. a prologue

b. episodes

c. an intermission

6. ____ The origin of what we call "theater" has its roots in

a. story telling and ritual

b. celebrations of military victories

c. Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophicles


You may be qualified for a high paying career as an actor if you were able to answer these 6 questions correctly.

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