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The mutability and selectivity of truth
is a sign of our times. 
- Owen Daly

Oxygen Starvation in the Himalayas
Jeffrey Spolan (in Yeti hat) in the Himalayas

"I believe I came home and spoke to Yeti."
    "He communicates very well.  Not overly verbal though."
Yeti the Wonder Dog is credited with
many favorable and pleasing attributes
often by people
who have nothing to go on but his good looks.
Only this morning
the perception of him was
A perfect {or imperfect} stranger
made this remark
upon viewing him atop the hill next to the water tower
"He's very intelligent..."
The dog uttered no comment that would betray this man's
Rather he continued on
{seeking the next place to deposit his piss}
and completely ignored him...

Good Theatre Training: Leave them wanting more...

A Man and his Yeti... Bedrock in the storms of life.

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